Product Review: Wunderbird Birding Apparel

John demonstrating the Gyrfalcon Hoodie


Wunderbird Birdwatching Clothing

Dan Rouse from Wales using our long sleeve tee


Gear Review - Wunderbird Birding Apparel

Adam demonstrating Wunderbird product

Birding Newfoundland with Dave Brown - Dave Brown

Wunderbird Birding apparel review - You goota try this!


Birding with Lisa De Leon - Lisa De Leon

Wunderbird Birdwatching clothing - A new piece of equipment for me.


Costa Rica Living and Birding - Patrick O'donnell

The beauty of birding in Costa Rica with Wunderbird shirt

Pat with frinds and Wunderbird shirt at the rain forest of Costa Rica


Birdwatch Magazine - David Callahan

Birdwatch Magazine - David Callahan review

   "I tested a couple of the tops ... on a frosty winter morning at one of my old local patches, and they were certainly warm and cosy, providing insulation and wicking while not overheating the body during exertion. The padded shoulders did indeed make carrying a weighty tripod less wearing on the shoulder…"


Birdwatch Magazine Editor - Matt Merritt

Birdwatch Magazine Editor - Matt Merritt״Wunderbird are aiming to produce clothing specifically for birders, with designs tweaked in response to feedback from use in the field. I tried short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts, and a hooded top, and was impressed. The shirts stayed cool in the sun, but make a good base layer in cool conditions, while the hoodie is fleece-lined for warmth. All are quiet and rustle-free. Where they all really score highly, though, is in the padded shoulders, which alleviate both wear and tear, and the bumps and bruises you get from having a spotting scope slung over your shoulder all day. The wide, zippable pockets on the front are excellent, too – they’re difficult to notice when empty, so don’t spoil the look of the clothes, but you can get plenty of pens, cleaning cloths, camera cards and the like in them when you need to. The hoodie also has a larger pocket with a Velcro fastener, for more storage or just for keeping your hands warm, and you can adjust the tightness of the hood’s fitting. A welcome attempt to make the clothes that birders need.״


American Birding Association's Birding Magazine - Diana Doyle 

American Birding Association's Birding Magazine - Diana Doyle"What’s more unusual is that Wunderbird’s shirts are sewn with some unique design elements specifically for birding. The shirts have two horizontal front pockets, intended to take the binocular strain off your neck, either high or low. If strain isn’t an issue for you, these kangaroo-style pockets have other advantages. They help stop bino-swing while bird-biking or climbing. In hot and sunny weather, they keep your black heat-absorbing bins a bit cooler, much better for the lenses. Or you can use one of the zippered pockets for a passport and cash while traveling. Their hoodie sweatshirt is designed with a peaked hood and hood angle adjuster cord. This allows you to wear a hood for warmth, without it slipping into your view while using binoculars, spotting scope, or camera. Finally, all the shirts integrate sewn-in strips of padding at the shoulders for carrying tripods. I tested the short-sleeve shirt and found that the padding also alleviated some of the point-pressure from a camera strap or daypack. Overall the T-shirt is a very soft material…

Wunderbird hopes birders will recognize value in birder specific clothing. Their items are exceptionally well made, with quality fabrics, neat stitching, and attention to details such as tiny color-matched zipper pulls. The designs are innovative and modern, perhaps a bit Star Trekky. Then again, birders aren’t usually known for being fashionistas, and we must care about sun protection, disease-carrying insects, comfort in the field, and protecting our optics. At least we don’t look like Miss Jane Hathaway anymore."