Some are birds, some are birders

"The bird wears its feathers, you wear yours", This is the essence of Wunderbird, the new companion for you as a bird-watcher.

Wunderbird is the nestling creation of Gil Gutglick, an entrepreneur with a passion for the world of birdwatching and a vast pool of knowledge and experience in hi-tech textile manufacturing.

Coming from a long history of production and operation management and many years of experience in creating accessories for the photographic market, Gil is now focusing on bringing the world of birding what it has been lacking, and that is a range of products that is focused 100% only on birders!

Gil was not really a birder till a few years ago, but once he got involved in this world his enthusiasm just kept growing and with his new friends in this field, he started what eventually turned into a three-year research project into the true nature of bird watching and the birder's unique lifestyles.

This is how Wunderbird came to life, it is a brand that is defined by a drive to create products for birders designed by birders, which benefit from the actual personal experiences and the real understanding of what birders actually need to enjoy their passion and support it!

Wunderbird is the first brand to introduce an apparel collection that is totally dedicated to the birding community and which features a revolution in tech-wear, integrating the first ever wearable features that enable birders to fly further for longer, by smartly distributing and alleviating the weight of the gear carried around the neck and over the shoulder, by dynamically stabilizing binoculars without compromising rapid access on-the-go, by utilizing smart fabrics that offer ventilation, quick dry and UV protection to better adapt to changing environments, and much more...

We welcome all birders to the Wunderbird family, be you a beginner or a professional and we always have time to hear your thoughts and feedback!


a parrot flying


a pelican